Occupational Mix Survey Review

  • CMS requires hospitals to collect data every 3 years for the Occupational Mix Survey and estimate it takes more than 480 hours to complete the survey.
  • “The purpose is to control for the effect of the hospitals employment choices on the wage index. The varying labor cost associated with these choices reflect hospital management decisions rather than geographical differences in the costs of labor”
  • If you decide to staff with higher RN levels your wage index is higher so Occupational Mix controls that effect
  • The most important factor is RN hours to total nursing hours which was 70.8%, so if your RN percentage was greater than that, you received a negative occupational mix adjustment.
  • Webdale Healthcare has worked with hospitals since Occupational Mix has been implemented and knows how to properly report and maximize the adjustment.

Seminars & Webinars

Held for hospital associations and systems, are provided as a tutorial and to kick off a group program. Customized manuals provided to participating hospitals.

Unlimited Remote Support

Webdale Healthcare experts available via email and telephone to provide guidance through the process.

Pre-Submission Review

Prior to submission of the survey by the hospital, Webdale Healthcare experts will review the survey, checking for proper capture of categories, assure cost centers are prepared properly and review job descriptions to ensure accuracy and optimization.

Audit Aid

Webdale Healthcare will assist clients during review of their data by MAC/CMS.


Webdale Healthcare follows publication of PUFs to ensure that all changes made in submission are accurately reflected in the public record.